Hospital History

Guru Gobindsingh Government Hospital

Medical Superintendent

  • Dr. Deepak S. Tiwari (M.D. Psychiatry)

GR – CM Setu GR_MC – 2018

  • +91 288 2666111
  • 0288 2679595
  • Medical Superintendent Office,
    Guru Gobindsingh Government Hospital,
    P.N. Marg, Jamnagar – 361008,
    Gujarat [INDIA].

Jamnagar state had no allopathy treatment available till late 18th century. In 1836 1st hospital known as west hospital was started by british govnt., at Rajkot. In 1875 Jamnagar had its first allopathy dispensary near Ratan Bai Masjid inaugurated by Sir Philip Wood – then governor general – Bombay.Before that era a famous Vaidyaraj Shri Zandu Bhatt used to practice Ayurveda. He had great knowledge of ayurved medicine and he created a landmark in the history of Ayurveda. Before that hardly any scientific treatment was available for common diseases like typhoid, cholera, small pox, plague, malaria, influenza, etc. Examples being VIP like Jam Lakhaji the 2nd died of small pox and Jam Jashwantsinhji died of typhoid.

Famouse world renowned cricketer – Prince Jam Ranjitsinhji decided to construct a allopathy hospital and allotted a sum of Rs. 6 lacs for construction of a big hospital in Jamnagar. The hospital was inaugurated by Lord Irwin on 27th September 1927. The bed strength of the hospital was of 56 beds at that time, it was named after Lord Irwin as Irwin Hospital (It is a well known history and tragedy that the great freedom fighter of India Shahid Bhagatsingh was given sentenced to death – by same Lord Irwin who inaugurated Irwin Hospital).In 1933 during the ruling of Jam Digvijaysinhji Irwin Hosptial under went expansion with addition of new departments. Shri Abdul Karim Jamal also started a dispensary opposite Irwin Hospital (A. K. Jamal Dispensary) and Sarmatwala dispensary was also started during this period. All these dispensaries including city dispensary were merged with Irwin Hospital – and hence the name Irwin Group of Hospital came into existence. Jam Digvijaysinhji also started a nursing school at Irwin Hospital.Initially Irwin hospital had Dr. Dadabhai and Dr. Kalyaniwala Khandbahadur as head of hospital. 1st Surgeon General Dr. Ruks Thomas (FRCS) was appointed in later half of 1927. Thereafter Dr. Pranjivan Manekchand Mehta was his successor. Later in his life Dr. P. M. Mehta had great inclination towards Ayurveda – he learnt Ayurveda and got a Master Degree also. With immense financial help from Jam Saheb and Maharani Gulabkuwarba, he established the present historical building “Dhanvantri Mandir” and a Gujarat Ayurved Unieversity – the 1st and only of its kind in the whole world came into existance. He also created a history by translating Charaksanhita into English, Gujarati & Hindi.In 1954 M. P. Shah Medical College came into existence and Irwin hospital was affiliated with this college and Dr. P. C. Rakshit took over from Dr. P. M. Mehta in 1955 as Dean and Medical Superintendent both. Irwin Hospital which was started with 56 beds in 1927 had 170 beds in 1955 when Medical College was started. Thereafter phase wise all the department were upgraded and the bed strength has increased up to 1275(in year 2005). There are 50 indoor wards and 10 operation theaters. All OT’s are centrally air-conditioned. Irwin Hospital is 2nd largest hospital in Gujarat State. 1st being Civil Hospital Ahmedabad having 1500 bed capacity.In the year 2000 on the eve of 300th Birthday Anniversary of Lord Guru Gobindsingh – as one of his five disciples (Punj Pyare) – Mokam Singh who got established at Bat Dwarka – Gujarat govnt. decided to rename Irwin group of hospital to Guru Gobindsingh Hospital.
The following stalwarts handled this hospital as heads during their tenure as shown against their names.

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